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What is Apple Passbook, Its Functions and How to Use it on iOS 6

Apple provides many features that we don't know about and with applications that bring many benefits, such as , fitness assistants, etc. iOS 6 is the version of the operating system released by Apple Inc. Passbook is an application that runs on iOS6 and turns your iPhone into your wallet for tickets, gift coupons, etc. You can’t do any shopping through Passbook, but you can keep all your cards in it.

Users can create their own passes using a service called PassSource. Till now, companies have not started offering any passes to users. PassSource has its official website and it is not affiliated with Apple in any way. However, users can still browse this website and create their own passes for airlines and for various other businesses. Some examples of passes are Best Buy Reward Zone Pass, Apple Store Gift card, etc. You can either create them on the computer and then mail the link to your iPhone or you can directly create it on your iPhone.

Still, Passbook has not been accepted widely due to a lack of developer's support. However, developers are doing their best on adding support for movie and support tickets as well as coupons and reward cards. Another reason for its slow growth is the lack of knowledge among employees of various business entities. For example, the majority of the employees in a movie theater don’t know how to validate a movie coupon offered on Passbook. It will take some time before everyone is made known of this new application program (app).

Instead of using it from unauthorized sources, users are advised to better wait for it as more and more application programs (apps) are being made compatible with Passbook. A link to the app store is given on the start-up of Passbook, where a list of application programs (apps), which are compatible with Passbook is given which features Fandango, Walgreens, Lufthansa, Ticketmaster, Live Nation, and Sephora to Go. Developers are working hard on making this list much large and soon airlines, movie theaters, stores, etc. will make the passes available to users of Passbook. Whenever users will make a purchase of a ticket or sign up for a coupon, they will be made available a pass.

For now, Passbook doesn’t feature any ability of its own to create new passes. Pass creation can be done only through, for now.

Currently, Passbook is made available for iOS 6 running on iPhones and iPods, but not on iPad. When you unlock Passbook, there is a link to the App Store where well-suited application programs will turn up. Thus far there are only some application programs (apps) that work with Passbook, but the list is continuously changing.

The following application programs (apps) are shown as Passbook compatible in the App Store.


Live Nation

Lufthansa At Bat

Sephora to Go



The number of application programs (apps) making use of Passbook will probably go up in the coming weeks as programmers push out application program updates.

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